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Group for Unique Equine Lovers


Unique-Equines is a group for all those who love Uniqueness in Equines. Unique Equines are creatures that are not traditional, yet the Equine anatomy still shows. Some examples would be an Equine with paws instead of hooves, an Equine with off-the-wall markings, or an Equine with fire as its mane and tail...The list is endless, and the sky is the limit!

So let your creative side show and join Unique-Equines today!

UE Interview: Oceans-Inferno

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 27, 2014, 8:30 PM

Crickatoo Interviews oceans-inferno

How long have you been digitally painting?

Four years; I started doing realism in 2010. When I first started with digital media in 2008 I could do little more than colored sketches XD but I really wanted to be able to paint realistically one day. So I spent most of 2009 trying and learning digital painting techniques and anatomy; it all finally fell into place in 2010. :) (Smile) (I think this illustrates what I'm talking about pretty well:…

Are there other deviants or art pieces you draw your inspiration from?

Definitely. There are so many talented people on here!

sunwolf29 - the level of her detail is astounding! Literally every hair on the horse is hand-painted. Wow!
thunderbulletz - she does beautifully detailed realism with an expressive touch and deliciously lighted shading. She inspired me to start using textured backgrounds to emphasize the mood of the piece
AmandaDrage - master of both digital & traditional media and crusader against art theft. What's not to admire?
abosz007 - awesome with both horses and humans. His art always has these intricate stories involved that are really rewarding for those who follow them.

Do you have a favorite piece in your gallery?

It would have to be this one, because it's both some of the best shading I've ever done and it also captures something personal - I've always struggled with making my realistic pieces expressive (usually easier with stylized art) but this piece has the best of both worlds and I love it. Heart

Rise To Glory by oceans-inferno

What drew you to equine artwork?

Though I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, I never really drew horses much until I started riding in middle school. And once I fell in love with these amazing animals, there was really no looking back!

How long do you typically spend on each piece?

Around 7-10 hours for a headshot, ~40-50+ hours for a really detailed full body piece. I love my details, haha. XD

Do you have any tips for budding artists?

Keep drawing, guys. You can make it to where you want to be! Don't worry if you have a longs ways to go - if you have the patience and dedication to keep working on your art, you can get there regardless of your starting point (just look at how bad my art was when I began!). It's true what they say - practice makes perfect. If you have the will to improve and the perseverance to stick with it, you'll make progress. Don't expect anything overnight - it might take months, it might take years, but soon enough you'll start to notice changes. And you'll know that you're on the right track. :) (Smile)

Also, don't be afraid to use tutorials or ask advice! I can't stress enough how helpful those are compared to just sitting there and trying to figure it out yourself to no avail. There's no shame in asking for help.

What is the easiest and toughest aspect of digital art for you?

The easiest would have to be shading. I love just turning on some music and losing myself in all those intricate highlights and shadows, breathing life into my sketch. Melding together the colors, then blending some more, and finally using those final little details to sculpt it into hyper-realism. Love

The hardest? Sketching good anatomy. Specifically, human anatomy. Also backgrounds - trees in particular really grind my gears. (That's why only one of my paintings has them!) I'm also hesitant to venture near manually painting grass (again - once was quite enough!). So basically, vegetation can stay away. Giggle

Commission: Sky Wanderer (painting) by oceans-infernoMarine master by oceans-inferno

Closing thoughts:

Never let other people get you down. When I was starting out, all my artsy friends could draw circles around me; I heard from both them and other people, countless times, that my art sucked or that I had no talent and it really made me doubt my artistic future. Never measure your own success by other people's standards - this is YOUR journey and yours alone. Take it at your own pace. Make your own milestones. Then celebrate your own victories, no matter how small. Dance!

Dark Sentinel (painting) by oceans-infernoCommission: Dreamwood by oceans-inferno

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:bulletred: Be sure that the piece you are submitting is actually of a unique equine. What we define as a Unique Equine would be an equine you would not see in reality. Any pieces of a horse with colors and markings that can occur naturally, even if the chances of those colors or markings occurring are slim should be submitted to the Mutant Gene folder.

:bulletred: When submitting pieces that include multiple equines be sure the main focus is on a Unique Equine. If you submit a piece with a group of Equines and only one equine in the background is what we consider unique, chances are your piece will be rejected.

:bulletred: Submitting pieces of Equines that look normal but have special powers, be sure it is obvious that the equine is performing the special abilities in the piece. We will no longer
accept pieces of this nature that do not depict this clearly

:bulletred: The great eye debate has concluded that we will from now on only accept pieces depicting normal looking equines who's only uniqueness is an abnormally colored eye, which are glowing and thus obvious, or are the main focal point of the piece. (Please note that the glow must be quite intense and clearly obvious in the thumbnail of the piece for us to accept it.)

:bulletred: We will no longer accept WIPs (Works In Progress). Please be sure that you are only submitting finished pieces to our gallery. We have also decided that uncolored pieces that do not have nicely defined lines, as you will see in a line art piece, will be considered WIPs and as such we will from now on reject those as well.

:bulletred:We do not accept breed imports unless they are the actual reference for the horse and not just the import sheet.

:bulletred: We will now accept adoptable sheets into the group, provided the rules above still apply. A vast majority (if not all) of the designs need to be unique in some form.

:bulletred: Please remember to give credit where credit is due. While we do not have the time to verify that each piece is crediting the stock used etc, if we find a piece that does not do this, we will remove it from our gallery.

:bulletred: As some members are asking for more focus on uniqueness and to make things a bit easy for us moderators, your thumbnail must clearly depict a unique equine. We will no longer spend time doing research, reading artists comments, pulling up character sheets to see if the piece should or shouldn't be accepted.

:bulletred: Your piece must clearly depict equine elements within it. If you draw a cat and put a horses mane on it, we will reject it for lack of equine elements.

:bulletred: We will no longer accept screenshots of equines made in generators or doll makers.


:bulletblack: Please be sure to submit your piece to the appropriate folder. Submitting to the wrong folder could result in your piece being rejected.

:bulletblack: You may submit no more than 3 pieces per day to our gallery and 3 pieces per day to our favorites folder.

:bulletblack: If you submit a piece to us and it is rejected, you may ask us why it was rejected (if we fail to provide a reason). Please do not submit rejected pieces again unless we ask you to.

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Thank you for accepting me into the group, and for accepting my work. :happybounce:  
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<--- love the interview with qannekke! ( wrote a ton but it all got deleted:( )
making it short: *thumbs up for anatomy and reference* Hope the group will continue living and do more interviews :D I have known about this group for awhile but didnt know it was this awesome! Let me know if there is something I can help with:)

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This is a fantastic group!
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Sorry, I made a mistake for submission >o< !
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Thanks for the Invitation. :)
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Hey I was wondering if I could put up a WIP just to see if people like my possible new style and if I should finish it or not ? I know you don't usually like people putting up WIP but this is why I'm asking befor I submit it ^.^
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Azzeria Nov 18, 2012   Photographer
I was excited to find another Equines group that looks promising. Disappointed that there are no photography folders : /
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how do i make a post
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